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Pass It On

Pass It On is a charitable initiative that helps homeless and vulnerable people across the UK, by providing care packs, warm clothes, food and drinks, and, above all, human companionship. Founded by Jon Bunting, CEO of leading national wholesaler, Smiths News, the organisation was established in 2015. It has since helped over 3000 people, collected 30,000 items of warm clothes, and distributed 10,000 cups of coffee, all the while engaging all 5000 of Smiths News’ employees and engendering a sense of teamwork, kindness, and purpose within the company’s corporate culture. 

Having already launched a new brand identity for Pass It On, Bella’s creative team were enthused at the prospect of designing a new website for the organisation. An online presence was needed to provide a single, digital platform to communicate with the varied target audience: corporate sponsors; employees; charity partners and the media.

The resulting website incorporates the new brand identity which features a rough, hand-drawn script within a jagged cardboard carrier, reflective of the make-shift signs seen so often on our city streets. The pink colour palette has been extended throughout the website in stark contrast with the striking black and white photography featured in the home page gallery.

A range of infographics create a distinctive look and feel for the site as well as conveying key information in a visual way. Strong calls-to-action are included throughout the website, including a link to the Just Giving donation tool, which allows users to donate online. 

Visit the Pass it on website here:

Pass It On Website


We were delighted when Bella Design & Marketing agreed to be our marketing partner for the 2020 Pass it On campaign. The agency’s fresh, creative approach has invigorated the messaging for this year’s collateral and will be instrumental in driving forward our charitable objectives. Bella’s team approached the project with enthusiasm, professionalism and genuine interest. Their passion and creative flair are evident in the finished results, and we look forward to working with the team ongoing.

Jon Bunting CEO – Smiths News plc

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