Website created for The Derwent Group

Suite of Marketing Materials Created for The Derwent Group

Bella Design were recently instructed to create a suite of marketing materials for The Derwent Group.

The Derwent Group, founded in the 1980’s owns and manages 2.8 million sq ft of commercial property, including some 1.7 million sq ft of retail and leisure space

The project included the creation of digital brochures and websites for a range of Derwent Group owned business parks including:

Lancaster Business Park
Willerby Hill Business Park
Glasshouse Business Park
Kingsley Business Park
West Strand Business Park
Prenton Business Park

Websites and digital brochures created for the Derwent Group

The project included:

Creation of a bespoke brand identity for each park.
Professional interior and exterior photography
Drawn floor and site plans
Drawn location maps

All digital brochures are fully functional across all devices including tablet and mobile with the associated websites built to be responsive for all screen sizes.

For more information about the Derwent Group visit their company website here.

iBrochure for Office development

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