What happens when aluminium drink cans are recycled?

Bella Design & Marketing were recently instructed by Novelis, the world’s leading recycler of used aluminium beverage cans, to create a promotional brochure to raise awareness of the aluminium can recycling loop

Every year 8.5 billion aluminium drink cans are sold in the U.K. Each one can be recycled to make another drink can, over and over again. This is called ‘closed loop’ recycling. Recycling aluminium cans saves energy and natural resources and reduces pressure on landfill sites for waste disposal.

The brochure created is packed with informative and useful information about the benefits of recycling aluminium drink cans, with the closed loop recycling process graphically presented with an infographic.

Key facts promoted in the literature include –

  • The aluminium drink can is the world’s most recycled packaging container.
  • Novelis is the world’s leading recycler of aluminium drink cans. They operate six dedicated can recycling plants around the world, which together recycle an estimated 60 billion drink cans each year.
  • It can take around 60 days for a used aluminium can to be recycled, remade, refilled and returned to the shops for sale again.
  • Recycling aluminium drink cans saves 95% of the energy needed to make aluminium from raw materials.
  • Making one aluminium drink can from raw materials used the same amount of energy that it takes to recycle 20.

More useful information about the process and benefits of recycling used aluminium drink cans can be found hereĀ 

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